About Lucas Teas

AboutĀ Lucas Teas

Our goal at Lucas Teas is to supply Squamish and others around the world with the best possible premium loose-leaf tea available.

We are constantly creating new tea blends and seeking out the best tea estates to provide the ultimate tea experience. We are concerned with obtaining and purveying ethically fair, organic, naturally flavoured, chemical-free tea and strive to ensure our teas meet the highest standards. Our aim is to help educate customers in the vast and exciting world of tea. With almost five thousand years of history, we are happy to discuss the origins, lore, and medicinal properties of tea.

We are a family owned and operated business and our passion and love for tea will inciteĀ us to continue to provide the highest quality tea available.

New flavour profiles and blends are something we are always interested in exploring and we invite you to contact us with any ideas you may have. The world of tea flavours and blends is continually expanding!

We provide also provide wholesale tea to cafes, restaurants and hotels. Contact us if you are interested in receiving our wholesale price list.