About Our Teas

About Our Teas

Since the Tang Dynasty, tea has been enjoyed all over the world and has become the second most consumed beverage after water.

At Lucas Teas, we provide the highest quality tea and tea blends available. Our teas are derived from all regions of the world, including Japan, India, China, Kenya and South Africa.

We carry all types of tea, from fully fermented puerh to lightly oxidized white tea with a large organic selection. Our unique tea, herbal and rooibos blends are made using only the finest, natural ingredients.

For the perfect cup of tea, we recommend the following brewing techniques:


Type of TeaWater Temp.Quantity of TeaBrewing Time
Black99° C1 tsp per 250ml water2-3 minutes
Green79° C1- 1.5 tsp per 250ml water1-2 minutes
White79° C1- 1.5 tsp per 250ml water3-5 minutes
Oolong90° C1 tsp per 250ml water3 minutes
Herbal99° C1 tsp per 250ml water5-7 minutes
Rooibos99° C1 tsp per 250ml water5-7 minutes



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